Reawakening Resilience

“Reawakening Resilience” stems from the print magazine “Reawakening Resilience” as well as our digital zine “Rituals for Resilience. These publications, released earlier this year, use creative storytelling as a channel for digging into strategies for seeding ecological, social, and spiritual resilience.

“Reawakening Resilience” is an immersive workshop that will explore how we can cultivate spiritual and social resilience in the face of climate catastrophe. Together we will gather to nurture deeper resilience within ourselves and for our communities through a series of collaborative and creative experiences such as designing our own resilience banks. This class is a primer on spiritual ecology and sacred activism as well as an opportunity to cultivate practices, prayers, and interpersonal connections for building resilience.

Spiritual Ecology is an emerging field that interweaves spirituality with environmental studies to inspire a heart-centered relationship to our current climate crisis. This school of thought asks us to reflect on how we can use global catastrophe as an opportunity to nourish our interconnectedness, honor the sacred surrounding, and deepen our spiritual resilience.


Reawakening Resilience will be offered by Kailea Frederick.