Raleigh Campbell

Raleigh Campbell

I am Morgan Raleigh Campbell of Wild Roe. Or Mo. Or Raleigh Roo. I am a -fearless- wanderer, artist, and maker who believes that everyday has the potential to inspire change and grow deeper connections to self, others, and the land. I am wildly enthusiastic, an extroverted introvert, and I am turned on by adventure and well stacked wood piles. Growing up all of my memories are of being outdoors, making things, and talking to anyone that would listen. Since then, I spend more time outdoors, make more intricate things, and try to listen more than I talk.

As a young adult I was encouraged to celebrate my differences. I feel lucky to have been supported to take the road less travelled. For years now I have mostly worked with children and teens in outdoor settings as a mentor and guide, tho my path has shifted to be focused on craft, community, and travel. Green wood work is my craft. It combines my passions of connection with nature, sustainability, fine craft, and practical beauty.

In 2017 I got rid of nearly all I owned in order to travel and apprentice with wood workers in the UK and Europe. My first woodworking project was in 6th grade. I didn’t know then that it would later become the field that I dedicate most of my time to. My first spoon was carved at an Art of Mentoring in 2013. A fire was lit that I couldn’t put out. Many thought I was crazy that I wanted to become a professional spoon carver. Now the further I follow this passion the more steeped in woodwork I become and the more skills I learn.

Since March of 2018 my focus was to spend as much time with professional Green Woodworkers as I could. There is a high concentration of woodworking craft in the UK and I feel so privileged to have spent time learning from Will St. Clair, E’amonn of Hewn, John Mullaney, Yoav Kafets, Matty Whitaker, and many more. I have returned home this last winter to start a Folk Craft school and a workshop.

I have always worked with my hands, designing, and creating beautiful things. I am thrilled to share the craft of green wood working with others.


Raleigh Campbell will be offering Tree + Axe + Knife.