Queering Sex and Pleasure

Queering Sex and Pleasure

This is a class about how queer sex magic can support us in healing our relationship to ourselves, our loved ones, and the Earth.

It is time to re-assess our approach to sex and pleasure. By shifting our perceptions of what pleasure and sex “should” look like, we open a door of profound healing that humans and the Earth need. In this discussion based class, we will open a forum for dismantling patriarchal sexual conditioning, by introducing alternative ways of experiencing sex and pleasure with ourselves and with our intimate partners.

We will touch on several topics including how to transmute embodied narratives of patriarchal trauma into clear and open creative space for pleasure and play, letting go of goal oriented forms of interaction, techniques for slowing down and assessing what each person wants moment to moment, learning how to direct orgasmic energy into Earth healing, and plant medicine that is supportive for enhancing erotic flow. By the end of this workshop, participants will better understand how to actively meet their pleasure and that of intimate partners. This is one of our most potent tools for human and Earth healing.

Our queer bodies need a space to grieve the fact that we have been conditioned to live in a world where pleasure and freedom of sexual expression is not celebrated or nourished within us. We will close with a grief ritual to acknowledge and release sorrow or any other emotions accumulated from both the patriarchy and queer experience.

Disclaimer: In my experience, queerness covers a vast and complex set of experiences. You do not have to identify as queer to join this class. We will do our best to hold safespace for this workshop, and it is our hope that people who participate will be respectful of language and approach to sensitive topics.
**Moon session folx- This class will be co-facilitated and taught with Sophie Leininger.

QUEERING SEX AND PLEASURE will be offered by Clairey Sage.