Queer Plant Magic

Queer Plant Magic

Queers are creative sparks that light up the universe, and personally, I am HERE for that!

This is a class about herbs and flowers for Earth connection and queer power. It is for queers to come together, share, taste ,and experience herbal & energetic medicine. We will touch on 7 different topics that often need tending to in the queer experience. With each topic we will do a short plant meditation. The topics covered in this class are:

-Self Love and Acceptance
-Boundaries and Protection
-Nervous System Support
-Immunity Building
-Grounding and Nourishing
-Gender Expansiveness
-Release into Power

Once topics and therapeutics are discussed, each person in the class may make their our own potion of queer plant magic! Using a handful of flower essences provided, participants will have the opportunity to walk away with their own creation, to support their unique journey in the world.

We will end the class with a rest ritual. To let down and just BE. To basque in the glory of all the plants, and remember your connection to this queer Earth. It is my belief that by holding space for more parts of a persons’ human experience to come together and be seen, we have an opportunity to coexist more harmoniously within ourselves, and the world at large.

Disclaimer: This class is meant to be a safe space for folx who identify as queer. If you are questioning, or queer curious, that is wonderful! But this class is not for you. Come find us at the Pride Tent for a class or discussion that might be more up your alley. <3

Queer Plant Magic will be shared by Clairey Sage.