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Weavers Mug: sold out




More mugs coming soon…

The Spirit Weavers mug was created especially for us by MazAmar Pottery in Pioneer Town, CA.  A great way to remember the essence of the gathering.  Those chilly mornings warmed by the Tea Grove or those cozy nights around the fire.  The image is of our SW muse designed by Taylor Compton.

The transfer is fired into, and is a part of the clay body.  It will not wear off.  Same image on each side.

Measures approximately 5″ x 3.5″.   Our mugs tend to run large (14-16 oz.) and our customers say they are delightfully light weight.  Handles are especially ergonomic!

All MazAmar pottery can go in the microwave, dishwasher and oven and is certified food-safe.

Please note:  as everything is hand-made, there may be some slight variation as to size, color and shape from that shown.  That being said, we do our best to keep things as consistent as possible.