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Spirit Weavers Body Oil



Created exclusively for the Spirit Weavers Gathering by Amber from Aquarian Dawn, this transcendent herbal body oil features California Coast Redwood needles and fresh spring mugwort leaves- A cosmic combination of two healing plants with incredible scents and deep meaning for this community of women.


The redwood is the very species whose canopy we gathered under the last two gatherings.  It is grounding, invigorating, circulation-stimulating and anti-bacterial & anti-fungal.  Mugwort is renowned in herbal lore a  sacred plant with special affinity for womens bodies and the ability to open portals of extra sensory perception and ancient remembering.  All herbal body oils drop the nervous system into a state of deep relaxation.


May this bottle of magic enhance your self care routine and remind you that like the redwoods, you are always supported by your community and that, as a mama mugwort tells us, your radical feminine wisdom is a gift to be shared with the world.



Redwood pine needles, mugwort and organic olive oil.

4 fluid oz