Pre-Colombian Ceramic Vessels

Join artist Marisa Govin in a two part class exploring the aesthetic connection of Pachamama (mother earth) as a sacred soil and iconic symbol through the rich tradition of ceramic production and artistic expression of the Andes native people.
As a pure natural material, clay is the same earth, worn and refined, that with minimum intervention converts in a lasting witness of the cultural development and helps define our existence.
Participants will explore Andean Cosmology through the production of symbolic Pre-Colombian vessels , learning key components of harvesting clay and clay body formulation, handbuilding techniques, mixing and using engobes, and burnishing.
The intention of this class is to reconnect with Pachamama, the earth, learning basic skills for ceramic production and finding meaning in weaving cultural traditions into a life of beauty and transformation. The group will be encouraged to honor all experience, skills and techniques.


Pre-Colombian Ceramic Vessels will be shared by Marisa Govin.