Prayers, Chants & Lamentations

writingIn this workshop, we will explore the word and the voice. We will look at writing not only as a literary skill, but as a form of emotional alchemy, which one can use to create and reshape their world. A writer is someone who writes. Magic is a directing of intention. We will explore what ways we can harness the powers of voice and word to propel our deepest prayers. To release, to heal, to let go, and to shed. We will explore the works of mystic poets like Rumi, Khalil Gibran, Hafiz, Kabir. We will also comb the more contemporary literary landscape for moments of mysticism, while reading the works of Mary Oliver, Paulo Coelho, Jack Gilbert, Lucille Clifton, Alice Walker, Sonia Sanchez, Octavia Butler and more. In a time wrought with pain and confusion, the spirit is an illuminated place we must return to. From that sacred cavern, we create the work that will heal the world.

We will sing, explore gratitude, pray, write poems of healing, laugh, build many altars, and from this space, explore our connections to the divine.


Prayers, Chants and Lamentations will be shared by Giselle Buchanan  and Gabrielle Tesfaye