Postpartum Medicinals

During this workshop Sophie will discuss the various medicinal foods that feature in postpartum cooking, and share how these everyday medicines can support mothers during their first forty days with baby. Around the world and throughout history women have practiced the traditional art of “sitting in” for a period of forty days or more after giving birth. This cocooning time was conceived as a space of sanctuary, support and comfort for the mother, as well as an opportunity for her and her family to observe and connect deeply with their new baby at home.  When mothers are well, their world is well! Medicinal postpartum foods greatly support this process occurring with grace and ease. This workshop is especially beneficial for doulas and birth workers as well as women yearning to support women during their postpartum time. To complete the workshop each participant will be invited to make their own herbal body oil to take home.


Sophie Ward Koren will be sharing Postpartum Medicinals + Mother Blessing Ritual.