Pleasure Anatomy & Pelvic Mapping

Pleasure Anatomy & Pelvic Mapping


Juice, In Devotion to Womb & Soul: Pleasure Anatomy & Pelvic Mapping

Come home to your body, to the waters, valleys, meadows, and dark spaces. The womb is your connection to your ancestry. The womb is earthly and bloody, cosmic and infinite, holding the potential of creation. It is magic, and yours to deepen into. This is an opportunity to get curious, explore, and know true body literacy. Use your own hands to deepen into your own knowing of self, expand possibilities for pleasure, and cultivate vibrancy and health in your pelvic diaphragm.

In this 3 hour workshop we will begin to explore the anatomy of pleasure, boundaries and consent, the relationship of womb and nervous system, the womb as center of power and creativity, and hands on hands in vulva and vaginal mapping. We will do this through sharing, exercises, breath, active imagination and self-touch.

I will demonstrate on my vulva and vagina, and you’ll be able to follow along. This is not a self-pleasure practice, but there is always the possibility of pleasure as well as some discomfort or pain when mapping, particularly within the vagina. The womb space, the vagina, may hold trauma, yours and perhaps even your ancestors, that might show up as spots of pain or holding. We will release what we can and work with any pain we come across.

If you need privacy, you can have your head facing into the circle and vulva facing out, wear a long skirt or cover yourself with a sarong.

You’ll need to be able to hold yourself if any strong sensations, memories, trauma or triggers arise. You will be held in a safe and supportive container, but you must be able to resource yourself through whatever may come up for you. Choosing to do this work requires radical self-responsibility.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a vulva, or if touching your vulva or vagina sounds as if it may be too much, this class may not be for you at this time.

This work is intended for all people with internal sexual anatomy who want to have an embodied sense of body literacy, who are curious, want to connect to their body and pelvic bowl, and desire a heathy pelvic diaphragm.

Leigh McDaniel will be sharing Pleasure Anatomy & Pelvic Mapping