Plant Relations for the Age of Loneliness

Plant Relations For The Age of Loneliness
This workshop is focused on how to build relationships in the botanical world & rekindle kinship with plants in these times of discomfort, uncertainty & environmental destruction. It is an invitation to explore our relationship with the botanical beings we work with and how to become a better steward, protector & caretaker of the medicine plants that grow on this Mother Earth.  We will explore the many ways plants can use us to weave us back into The Web of Life, and teach us to become, once again, an animal in an ecosystem, a useful part of a greater whole.
We’re at a critical time on the planet when we need to shift away from extractive mindsets &  back to a reciprocity-based relationships with plants, eco-systems, non-human others, & each other. Decolonizing herbalism from dominant society paradigms is the vital work of plant medicine folk in this time. It’s essential that we adjust our mindset and perception away from just using plants for ourselves, but how we can give back, tend to and nourish them, and be in a state of relationship with them.
This healing reaches deep within the marrow – through our ancestry, reclaiming our sacred connection to the Earth we are a part of. It also awakens the responsibility we have to tend to the medicine plants as our family members, ensuring their seedlings and the wisdom of their healing gifts may continue to flourish for the future generations. This class is an introduction to tools we can all use to relearn & practice these ancient, nourishing ways.
Plant Relations for the Age of Loneliness will be shared by Whitney Popham & Milla Prince