Plant Medicine For The Age of Loneliness

Herbalism is activism. Taking charge of one’s own health, the resilience of our communities, families & bodies is a radical act. But even more than that: to listen to plants is an act of resistance to the separation & loneliness our current way of life offers.

When we work with plants, their message is always one of belonging, They remind us that it is our birthright to belong, to be of service, to make medicine for ourselves, but also the bio-regions we inhabit, the their people. In this time of increased climate disruption, of societal injustice, of planetary loneliness & separation.

This is a class about how plants can act us our teachers, allies, & leaders in the current age of resistance, and reawakened reciprocity. We will discuss ways that plants can use us to weave us back into The Web of Life, and teach us to become, once again, an animal in an ecosystem, a useful part of a greater whole. We’ll talk about herbalism on stolen land, allyship with the land and her people, ancestral remembrance & healing of our lineages, decolonizing dominant society mindsets and finding joy & connection in wild & troubled times.

We’ll make resilient flower essences, sit with plants, and remember practices that remind us of how much we can offer.


Plant Medicine for the age of loneliness will be shared by Milla Prince