Plant Allies for Shadow Work

The shadow represents the darker aspects within, the parts of us that the conscious mind often chooses to ignore. When we go into the darkness, feel, process, and move through it we can experience more light than ever imaginable. Shadow work helps bring awareness into who we are, inspirations, soul purpose, growing edges, and excitement!

We can build resiliency through understanding of self! Utilizing plant medicine, magick, and non-violent communication you will be led through an interactive workshop to help gain insight into stories, projections, and stuck energy that may be blocking you from personal and collective prosperity. When people can gain awareness of these aspects of self they can shed unhealthy tendencies and work toward holistic healing. In order to heal the world humans must first do the self work. This class is a beautiful opportunity to tune into the shadow & transform old patterns into your deepest desires!

This beautiful self-work can challenge our limits and having plant allies during this process of healing & growth can be incredibly supportive. Join this class to learn about herbs that are protective, stress reducing, and aid in the process of transformation for more easeful and inspiring shadow integration work! You will learn rituals, a protection spell, herbal medicine tools, & make an individual protective amulet with herbs and crystals to take home.


Plant Allies for Shadow will be shared by Julie Benefico.