Planetary Magick: Herbs, Ritual & Empowerment

In this class we will delve deep into the art of herbal alchemy. We will connect on another level with our own being as well as each other by uncovering more insight into our true desires and how to obtain them through connection with the earth & sky. We will start with an elemental meditation embodying each energy the universe is made up of and how it feels to be one with these vital life forces. We will talk about the philosophy of alchemy and how being in relationship with the shadow aspects of self can bring us closer to our own self-actualization as well as transform our communities and help us be stewards of the land.

In this class we will learn about the medicinal and magical properties of plants and which planets they are correlated too. We will build a toolkit of self-care practices for empowered bad-ass witches to take control of their lives and manifest their deepest desires. Each womyn in the class will make their own personal planetary essence spray sealed with their specific intention to take with them to help them to remember the magick they can harness at any moment. We will give thanks to Mother Earth and connect to the Cosmos for inner exploration and outer resonance with how we can be in solidarity with the healing of Gaia.

Planetary Magick will be shared by Julie Benefico