Peri ‘Poke Priestess’

Devoted to ritual, uprooted individual, nomadic gypsy, sistren of whimsy.

It was 5 years ago, that Peri turned towards the shadowed path of the unknown.  Underneath rocks of pain, peeking through veils into the unseen, she discovered treasures rare and bright and found a duty to bring them into the light. The journey began in Thailand, with a psychedelic monk named Ajahn Man. He showed her how to put needles on a stick, but more than that he revealed rituals of Magik.

For 3 years she surrendered to his wisdom, adorning her temple with mantras of Buddhist Mysticism. Many more guides came to Peri’s life, providing rituals and passages of rites. She traveled from Thailand to Kathmandu, Ubud to Morocco, Oman to Colorado. Searching and sharing a passion ablaze, to ritualize the world, gather symbols, stay awe-mazed.  Full to the brim with divine inspiration, she dove into meditation, a clear channel is the best she could be, because when aligned the divinity flows freely.  Through inter-spirit communication, the adornments go through a translation, an energetic transmutation. From spirit to spirit, spirit to mind, mind to paper, paper to skin, here the design is forever inked in, encoded with the prayers within. Through the energy signature of the muse, the frequency telling which lines to choose. All we need is the one sweet key, it sings softly ‘surrender to me.’  Peri is crowned the “Poke Priestess”, guided by White Owl in the darkness. She is a compassionate blood-letter, an empathetic pain bearer, your guide through the shadow side, a needle wielding healer. Through pain reveals the strength inside, through surrender devotion to freedom is cried, through adornment your temple is marked as yours, through ritual new life it bores.

Are you being summoned to be adorned?





Zodiac: Aquarius

Tarot card: Hierophant

Spirit animal: Owl

Spirit guide: Snake, Fox, Mouse

Number: 1

Spirit Lineage: North African Bedouin, Fair Folk


Peri Poke Priestess will be sharing Ritual Handpoke Tattoo