Patricia Montoya Donohue

Patricia Montoya Donohue

Ceramicist, weaver, dancer, volunteer, multi-media artist, community organizer, mentor, and sharer.

In elementary school I discovered art when our class wove holiday placemats. The thrill of choosing the colors and the magic of my hands transforming strips of paper into decorations was more exciting than the holiday itself. My Tia Cheva instilled in me a love of textiles. Her love flowed from her heart through her hands to others. Those early memories continue to inspire me to share my passion for creating together with people of all ages. I am more of an instigator than a teacher teaching implies that learning goes one way, and I find learning to be a circular experience.

“You belong here” is one of my tenets when sharing art. Daughter of a Mexican migrant
worker, growing up low income in a mixed-race family where art was considered a luxury, I
gravitate toward communing and allying with those who might otherwise feel excluded.

“I do not want art for a few any more than I want education for a few, or freedom for a few.”
William Morris


Patricia Montoya Donohue will be sharing Felted Vessels