PachaMama Maca Ceremony

PachaMama Maca Ceremony

The PachaMama ceremony is done by farmers in the Andes Mountains of South America to give thanks to the Earth for the bounties we receive every day, and to make sure they will have a good crop and/or a good harvest. So, the ceremony is done before planting and again after harvesting, a simple and profound, sincere offering to the Great Mother.

In our PachaMama ceremony, we will give thanks to the Land, the home of SpiritWeavers and offer gratitude for the abundance we’ve already received, along with requests for help for that which we are “planting” in our lives. The sacred medicine of Maca root, indigenous to the Andes, will be our Sacrament, offered to everyone participating, bringing health and joyful communion with Nature and each other. Tobacco, Sage and Palo Santo will be used to clean the space and participants prior to the ceremony.

Join our Peruvian Elder, Milagritos, and Madeleina Bolduc as we celebrate Life in this ancient reverential way.

Participants: bring an offering for the Pachamama: a poem, flowers, a special object to be buried in the ground


Pachamama Maca Ceremony will be shared by Madeleina Bolduc and Milagritos Lazo.