Nourishing The Womb

“Womb wellness is here and present, and we are here to support and uplift the spirit of our wombs so that we are free to create and birth divine ideas, divine energy, divine creativity, and divine children onto this planet. The resurrection of our wombs is the resurrection of the Planet Earth. As we heal our wombs, we also heal the womb of our Mother Earth.”
-Queen Afua

This class focuses on womb wellness as a key element to a woman’s health. Together we will explore the spiritual and energetic significance of the womb space as a source of power and creativity. Through guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with your womb. Participants will be introduced to a self-care practice that involves an external, non-invasive massage to help reposition the reproductive and digestive organs. This practice supports hormonal balance, healthy digestion, fertility and pelvic floor integrity.

During the meditation and self-care practice, we will be lying down on the Earth. Please feel free to bring a pillow, yoga mat, or anything else you need to be comfortable. The class is open to all women who identify with having a womb space regardless of whether or not they currently have a uterus. While the class is open to all individuals, the self-care massage is contraindicated for women with active cancer in the uterus, women with internal birth control, and women in their first trimester of pregnancy.


Nourishing the Womb will be shared by Gabrielle Cohen

Image by Midnightmommashop