Nervous System Healing

Nervous System Healing


In my class expect to learn the foundational aspects of the Nervous System through the lens of the Polyvagal Theory; the branch of connection and safety, the branch of mobility and aliveness, and the branch of decisive collapse & shutdown.

Within this I would like to teach why we have life giving responses such as playfulness and passion and responses deemed “disordered” such as anxiety and depression and that really ALL of it is not some biological phenomenon but rather a very articulate & intelligent environmental response.

Finally you will learn Somatic Experiencing embodiment practices that are curated to assist you through each branch of the vagus nerve pathway (ventral, sympathetic, & dorsal). You will also get take home inquiries so that you leave feeling more resourced and resilient in your life.

I truly believe that the world will be a completely different place when we understand how our brilliant bodies work! It is through this work that we ensure the survival of the body AND the soul!

Nervous System Healing will be shared by Zoe Renee.