Necklace from Sticks & Stones plus Overview of Plant Fibers

Learn how to make string from sticks using Dogbane and drill a hole in a rock with a stick to make soapstone beads. Create a beautiful necklace with your hands while you immerse yourself in the world of plant fibers!
The knowledge of how to make string is one of the most basic and important of human life skills. Plants that yield good fiber for string, rope, nets, cloth, etc…. will be identified and participants will learn about their botanical qualities, fiber extraction tricks, overview of sustainable harvesting & common processing methods, and demonstration of a variety of string-making techniques. using the widespread native fiber plant Dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum) and other fibers. Lots of samples of plants, raw materials, extracted fiber and finished cord, rope and nets to handle and touch.


Necklace from Sticks & Stones will be offered by Tamara Wilder.