Natilie Michaels

Natilie Michaels

Natilie Michaels is the creator of Skullptress, handmade jewelry for the gypsy soul.  The jewelry is featured in art galleries, boutiques and online. Working with artists, dancers and musicians, Natilie has inspired an eclectic group of supporters. Natilie lives on the rugged Big Sur coastline of California. It is in this dramatic setting that she has her studio, drawing from the natural beauty for inspiration and support.

Natilie makes jewelry with her hands and heart. Her creations are a combination of dreams and ancient collective memories, transforming raw materials into energetically empowering jewelry.

“Jewelry is part of my daily ritual. Wearing it helps inform me of who I am. It reminds me of signifiant moments in my life. It enhances my presence and amplifies my personal power. It is medicine for body and spirit.” -Natilie Michaels

Natilie’s approach to jewelry design is an impassioned exploration. Her intention is to make available empowering adornments to assert the individual strength, beauty and solidarity of all people.

You can learn more about Natilie and her company Skullptress at

Natilie will be teaching The Art Of Lost Wax Casting