Natalie Novak

Natalie Novak

Natalie Novak is an artist at practice and play in the Pacific Northwest. Her work draws from ancient and contemporary weaving techniques to explore a fascination with rainbows, folklore, archetypes, symbolism and the (super) natural world.

Natalie has been creating art since she can remember, eventually studying drawing and painting at the University of Wisconsin and Oregon College of Art and Craft. Natalie embarked on her fiber odyssey while examining woven works in real life and museums and poring over pictures of textiles in library books, but looking and images weren’t enough. Incredibly inspired, she sought out a mentor and learned to weave on a Navajo style loom. This first taste of textile magic led her to a vibrant community where she has studied with a variety of teachers working on all sorts of looms from many traditions. Weaving gives Natalie a feeling of groundedness and empowerment that she hasn’t experienced elsewhere, taking her beyond the surface and connecting her to a rich tradition practiced by cultures around the world.

Currently Natalie weaves tapestry at her home studio in Chinook Territory/Portland, OR and teaches this meditative craft at workshops on the west coast and beyond.

You can see Natalie’s work here:

Natalie Novak will be offering Intuitive Sculpture