Multidimensional Sonic Healing & Light Language Activations

Join  Deva Vidya and Sharon Silverstein in this sonic portal where Light Language Activation and Sacred Instruments raise your frequency, moving you into higher multi-dimensional realms where healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies take place. Dive deep as you embark on a shamanic journey meeting your multidimensional selves. Within this portal, a sense of knowing and acceptance of your life purpose reveals itself. It links the wisdom of the Ancient ones to the healing technology of the future. This sonic body massage recalibrates your energetic field by activating and balancing your chakra system while honoring oneself as a creation and tool of the Divine. The vibrational sounds of the sacred Native American flutes and drums, gem and gold infused pure crystal bowls, harmonium, vocal toning and other sacred instruments are not only heard by the ear, they resonate through out the body and into the subtle bodies and energy centers, creating balance, healing and deep relaxation. Light Language, high vibrational sounding and utterances, channeled by Deva, send multidimensional messages to your subconscious activating a deep remembrance of your true self, power, wisdom and innate gifts.


Multidimensional Sonic Healing & Light Language Activations will be shared by Sharon Silverstein and Deva Vidya.