Mujeres de Barro: Womxn of Clay

Mujeres de Barro: Womxn of Clay

Mujeres de Barro: Womxn of Clay is a ceremonial clay workshop honoring our cyclical nature + relationship with Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, and the healing art we cultivate with our hands.

Invocating the spirit of the heart in ceremony with vocal activation, sound and song, we will awaken and center into our physical vessel, upon our Madre Tierra before creating a reflection of ourselves with Her.

Each womxn will craft and take home their own clay vessel representing an embodiment as a Womxn of Clay.

In this workshop,

We will experience a brief informative lesson on traditional earthenware pottery, the transformation of earth into vessel and it’s metamorphosis through fire.
We will exchange stories of our own cyclical relationship as womxn with each element.
We will express our voices through sound, song, and council sharing.
We will explore an ancient hand-building technique to create our own Mujercita sculpture.
We will embrace our hands as our creative compass.

Mujeres de Barro honors the lineages living off their devotion to pottery, past present and future. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters around the world utilize their heart and hands to preserve the traditions of their blood line in remembrance to their ancestors. This workshop is a blend of honoring these ancestral skills with discovery through our own creative language with clay.

Mujeres de Barro: Womxn of Clay will be offered by Mariana Mae.