Mother Blessing Ritual

A mother blessing is a ceremonial day of ritual designed to honor, nurture and shower the mother-to-be (or be again) with loving care before her baby arrives. Surrounded by her closest female friends and family members, she enjoys a sumptuous day of pampering and care, including a ceremonial floral foot bath, cornmeal foot scrub and flower crown. She is acknowledged by each of her guests with their words of support, affirmation, wisdom and prayer. The group completes the day with a cord binding ritual, candle gift, nourishing feast and relaxation. During this workshop Sophie will share tips and guidance for leading or co-creating a mother blessing (or sister blessing, a beautiful gift for a friend on her birthday.) We will also consider the history of our own grandmothers – what did they do to prepare for their births, or to honor life transitions? How can we weave some of this lineage into our modern lives? We will end with a flower crown workshop during which every woman will make her own crown of blooms to wear for the day.


Mother Blessing Ritual will be shared by Sophie Ward Koren.