Moon Pads

Moon Pads

Make your own Earth Friendly moon pads. We will be using a combination of various textiles, organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo fibers to make your own re-usable Pads.
Class Description

• Learn different moon pad design options and what would work best for you.
• Easy step by step instructions on creating a beautiful yet functionally design pads.
• Learn how to care for your moon pads using Eco-friendly, non-toxic products.
•Discussions on how commercial feminine hygiene products are toxic to our health, body, and environment.
•Let go of the taboos and negativities associated with our moon cycles and re-visit the sacred ceremonies of our ancestors during moon time.
•Share stories of empowerment and create a space for sisterhood.
• Create with our hand, heart, and spirit. Please be open for a creative meditative class.
• You will leave with a set of ready to use moon pads and resources to make more.

Great space for honoring our beautiful cycles.These spaces are here to help redefine beauty standards, to empower one another, and to reclaim the power of our bodies’ scared rituals.

Please note that this class does not require you to have any sewing experience.


Moon Pads will be offered by May Salem.