Moon Maidens

Moon Maidens: A Journey for Spirit Weaver Maidens Ages 11-16

Feeding the great river of Spirit Weavers, the swirling tributary of the Moon Maidens will wind through the village both alongside the central gatherings and in a space of our own – the Moon Maiden Village.  We will hold space for the sacred journey as a girl becomes a young woman. Maidens will explore ways to awaken her inner wisdom and intuition, use her voice, explore her dreams, and express her creativity while weaving a web of support and community with her sisters. Maidens will also have the opportunity to learn many skills with a variety of teachers in the village.

To fully honor the growth and maturity for all of the Moon Maidens we kindly ask that you only register girls that are between the ages of 11-16. If you would like to register a girl younger than 11 please see the Primrose Daughters program under the Keiki page.  Registration for Moon Maidens is $388.00 with limited tickets released on January 12th.

Below is an example of last years offerings with new 2019 schedule and updates will be added in the Spring.



East – Welcoming

7:00pm – 10:00pm

Opening Ceremony at Maiden Fire Area:

Fire Ceremony, Council Circle (Henna Tattoos and a special Kava Kava Heart Opening Chai)



South – Self-Care

9:30am – 12:30pm

9:30am – 10:45am Trust Building, Team Building, Nature Awareness Games and Activities.
Getting into the body, connecting with ourselves, the Earth and one another.

11:00am – 12:30pm Group activity on the land separate from adults (orientation scavenger hunt)

3:00pm – 6:00pm

3:oopm – 6:00pm Journal making :: press plants/flowers into a journal :: gratefully approaching plants, building relations. Reflection activity (what would your ideal village look like?)



West – Plants

9:30am – 12:30pm

9:30am – 10:30am Morning movement/opening circle

10:30am – 12:30pm Lei-making with Wai’ala

3:00pm – 5:00pm

Herbal Allies for Young Women: Self Care Kit. Making tea blends to strengthen the endocrine systems and balance the hormones, herbal face wash and rose water/witch hazel spray.

Image 95


North – Moontime

9:30am – 12:30pm
Moon Lodge
Gratitudes, Pulling Out and Reflecting Back the Gifts we see in one Another
Wish Pillow Making/Dream Sharing Circle
Moontime Teachings and Discussion
Body Wisdom, Self Care, Moontime Practices, Conversation, Sacred Sharing Space

2:00pm – 6:00pm Indigo Dying with Victoria

7:00pm – 9:00pm Moon Lodge Honorings and SWG village Angel Wash Ceremony

9:00pm Integration into the Village.

Moon Maiden Program registration will be available on Saturday, January 14th at 10am PST with regular ticket sales. The Moon Maiden Program is $333.00.

Thinking about bringing along your Maiden with you to the gathering?  Please watch this video with Lena one of our moon Maiden leads for inspiration!

Eden Trenor

Eden is a Seattle-born song carrier who has called northern California home for the last five years. Some say she resembles a redwood tree. She has trained in Taino, Lakota, Huichol, Cherokee, pagan, and Jewish cultural and ceremonial traditions, and her practices and other studies include Reiki, acupressure, yoga, flower essences and western herbalism. She has facilitated circles inside of San Quentin prison, become a certified Teen Talking Circle facilitator, a certified Dancing Freedom facilitator, worked as a nature connection mentor with the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement and started West Marin Talking Circles for high school aged females.  For several years, Eden directed the Amala Foundation’s California Global Youth Peace Summit, a summer camp bringing together refugee and immigrant teens with US American teens in a village dedicated to connection at the level of the heart through honesty, deep listening, music, talking circles and intergenerational mentorship.


Currently, Eden is mentoring a group of teens through the Stepping Stones Project and serves on the national teaching team for Shakti Rising’s Embodied WisdomTeacher Training Program, focused on creating profound immersive experiences for women to become embodied feminine leaders.  She is in love with improvisational movement, ceremonial song, sensory exploration of the natural world, poetry and the visceral experience of peace, fulfillment and inspiration that comes from true service.

Lena Eastes

Deeply committed to the Earth Path, Lena is passionate about celebrating this life on amazing planet earth. Lena was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Lena graduated from University of North Carolina at Asheville with a degree in Cross Cultural Sustainability. She has her Permaculture Design Certificate, and graduated from the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Program at the Regenerative Design Institute. She is the founder and director of Non-profit Earth Path Education founded in 2007, where we help grow a culture of listening to the earth as our wisest mentor through teaching Nature Connection to children and adults and guiding girls through their Rites of Passage into womanhood She is also a co-founder of School of the Traveler, a backpacking and cultural guide organization in Copper Canyon, Northern Mexico. Lena is a fluent Spanish speaker. She has guided university students on trips to the mountains, rivers and caves of North Carolina and beyond, through the highly respected UNC Asheville Outdoors Program. She empowered youth working with Free the Children– the largest youth-led organization in the world– as the Regional Network coordinator for the Southeast. She has taught music, art and nature connection in Waldorf schools for the past three years.

She also leads retreats, teaches Plant Medicine Making and facilitates Dancing Freedom. Lena loves teaching, singing, lightning bugs, growing food, foraging, running, dancing, ancestral crafts, deep breaths, bringing people together and waterfalls. She initiated and annually organizes Soil Sisters, the young women’s program for the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference. She directs he Kids Program for Organic Growers School and she teaches at several skills gatherings including Firefly, Florida Earth Skills and Singing Alive. Lena is honored and excited to co-facilitate Moon Maidens the young women’s program at Spirit Weavers with her dear friend and colleague Eden Trenor.

Nico Rease
Nico Rease

Founder/Director of Wild Wisdom Ways a Rites of Passage.

Nico is a proud mother who is grateful and inspired about her soulful work with mothers and daughters. She is able to provide various opportunities for children to have unique experiences in the transitions of coming of age through her rites of passage program that runs for nine months during the year. For the children along with their mothers/others she provides a playful yet meaningful space for them to bond even deeper through: ceremonies, sacred and gratitude practices, earth skills, all the while honoring self, each other and the earth. She supports mothers through her Sacred Motherhood retreats. She also host an annual mother/daughter MODA campout in Sebastopol, CA every summer on private land.

She weaves in a variety of valuable perspectives from her Masters in Consciousness, eco-therapist skills, her deep nature work from Regenerative Design and Nature Connection, along with her Waldorf teacher training, Reiki Master, and her credentialed teacher experiences.

Nico can be found swimming in the fresh, hot springs or salt waters, hiking up a steep mountain, playing with children at the local parks, singing her heart out, gathering with other sisters in ceremony, hugging the trees, also organizing  another incredible Moon Sisters gathering through her program Wild Wisdom Ways.