Moon Maidens & Moon Beams

Moon Maidens: A Journey for Spirit Weaver Maidens Ages 11-16

We gather to witness, celebrate, uplift and orient girls on the threshold of their womanhood through a 4 day Rites of Passage program, the Moon Maidens, are hosted in the Cedar Bloom wilderness on the banks of the Illinois river, held in the loving container of Spirit Weavers. We believe rites of passage is essential for healthy culture and an empowered blossoming into womanhood. The ceremonial beauty of this Rites of Passage feeds both the wild soul of these young women and the Earth.

We are committed to providing a space where young women grow in connection to self, community and the Earth through this community supported, nature based rites of passage.

We believe intergenerational mentorship, sisterhood, strong intuition, awakened creativity and a deep connection with the Earth provides the taproot of strength needed to weather the tests of life and womanhood in a healthy way.

Womanhood is beautiful, powerful and worth celebrating! We believe you don’t have to come of age in isolation, unaware and in trauma, rather we rise connected, in tune and resilient.

This is the time to claim our passageways and make them reflective of the natural, wild and wise beings we are, as we feed beauty to the Earth and serve our families and communities.

While we can’t share everything these young women will experience together, here are of some of our main activities.

Drum Meditation and Receiving your Symbol: Henna
Tea Ceremony
Scavenger Hunt and Team Building
Stargazing Myth and Magic
Rawhide Rattle Creation with Lena
Becoming a Vessel for Song: Songwriting
Arrow Break Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony with Aixa Amankay
Eco Spa and Making our own Facial Care
Plant Spirit Medicine and Essence Creation with Lena

Moon Beams: A support and inclusion program for non-binary and queer youth Ages 11-16

The mission of the Moon Beams is to celebrate the next generation, in whatever form they choose. We honor the diversity of identity and welcome Any child (between the ages of 11-16) who wishes to participate. This space centers youth that identify within the LGBTQ2IA+ community. This simply means that pronouns will be an integrated part of introductions, language will not be gendered, and our practices and exploration of identity will not be solely focused on the feminine. Our activities will be centered around survival skills, from building forts and ethical wildcrafting to learning how to be an upstander and an ally in an intersectional world. We will not only build tool kits of herbal and Earth skill wisdom, we will also build tool kits for a more equitable world. Our mission is to have fun, to learn how to show up for ourselves and one another, and to be celebrated for who we are.

1st Day: We will explore our relationship to the Earth through

  • Earth skills: fire tending, fort building
  • Herbalism: herbal first aid kits, herb walk and plant identification, herbal allies and plant meditation
  • Sustainability: community sustainable action plans, Earth ally discussion, reusable wrap workshop

2nd Day: We will explore our relationship to Self through

  • Movement: improv and dance workshops
  • Magic: connecting with our intuition,
  • Reflection: discussion on boundaries, journal binding workshop
  • Ceremony/Celebration: create and participate in our own rite of passage ceremonies

3rd Day: We will explore our relationship to Community through

  • Teamwork: field games based in communication and working together
  • Discussion: group exploration of the concepts of intersectionality, being an upstander/ally, and equity
  • Creativity: group art project based on equity
  • Celebration: Angel Wash ceremony, closing ceremony with guardians and elders

I so look forward to celebrating you,

Jacks Pleus

The new 2020 Moon Maidens and Moon Beams schedules and updates to be added in the Spring.


Moon Maiden and Moon Beam Program registration will be available on Saturday, January 11th  with regular ticket sales. Both the Moon Maiden and Moon Beam Programs are $388.00.

* All those who identify as female or who want to explore their feminine essence are welcome to the Moon Maidens program .  All those who do not identify as a female are welcome to our Pride youth program the Moon Beams. Please read each group’s mission statement intentionally to determine which group you would feel most excited to be a part of. Again, the Moon Beams is welcome to youth of any identity with the exception of cis boys. 

Thinking about bringing along your Maiden with you to the gathering?  Please watch this video with Lena one of our moon Maiden leads for inspiration!


Lena Eastes – Moon Maidens Facilitator 

Deeply committed to the Earth Path, Lena is passionate about celebrating this life on amazing planet earth. Lena was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Lena graduated from University of North Carolina at Asheville with a degree in Cross Cultural Sustainability. She has her Permaculture Design Certificate, and graduated from the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Program at the Regenerative Design Institute. She is the founder and director of Non-profit Earth Path Education founded in 2007, where we help grow a culture of listening to the earth as our wisest mentor through teaching Nature Connection to children and adults and guiding girls through their Rites of Passage into womanhood She has guided university students on trips to the mountains, rivers and caves of North Carolina and beyond, through the highly respected UNC Asheville Outdoors Program. She empowered youth working with Free the Children– the largest youth-led organization in the world– as the Regional Network coordinator for the Southeast. She has taught music, art and nature connection in Waldorf schools for the past four years.

She also leads Women Rewilding immersions for adult women, a nine month earth skills immersion. Lena teaches Plant Medicine Making and facilitates Dancing Freedom an elemental dance practice. Lena loves teaching, singing, lightning bugs, growing food, foraging, running, dancing, ancestral crafts, deep breaths, bringing people together and waterfalls. She initiated and annually organizes (for the past decade) Soil Sisters, the young women’s program for the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference. She is the founder of Earth Song Rising (, a four day singing gathering in Asheville, NC. Lena is honored and excited to facilitate Moon Maidens for the 4th year at Spirit Weavers, accompanied by some incredible mentors: Aixa Amankay, Katy Leets, Esmerelda, Katherine Brown, Lane, Amber

Connect with us:

Jacks Pleus – they/them, Moon Beams Facilitator 

Jacks is a trans non-binary student, sailor, and aspiring herbalist. They grew up in the PNW, but now call sunny Southern Oregon home. Currently attending Southern Oregon University, they are finishing up their Bachelor’s in Psychology with a Minor in ASL and will be starting the Clinical Mental Health and Counseling Masters program next fall. Their dream is to be a Queer Youth Counselor and an ASL translator, as they are passionate about destigmatizing mental health through education and advocating for the next generation. When they aren’t in school, you will most likely find them in the woods talking to plants, cooking meals with friends, or thrifting at the local Goodwill. Jacks has served as a Moon Maidens Seva for the past three years and looks forward to forging a new path this summer with the Moon Beams.

You can reach Jacks on Instagram at @shaky_jaguar_love or by email at