Moon Magick

In Moon Magick we will explore the rhythms of nature by learning about the sacred phases of the moon! Every moon phase is correlated to a time of the year. The full moon is in tune with the summer solstice, they both exemplify the fully flourishing vibrant time of the month or of the year. We can manifest our desires through understanding the lunar cycles. In this class we will learn about specific herbs to use during each moon phase, rituals for connecting within and with community, and tools for personal growth! The moon guides hormone cycles, plant growth, and the tides of the ocean. She is a powerful guiding force and by building relationship with her phases we can flourish, blossom, and transform!

Understanding this deity and her power can help us track ourselves and gain more insight into our emotions. We gain energy and strength from this cosmic gem! It is empowering to realize that when the moon is in a specific phase we may be booming with energy and at a different phase we may feel introverted. These shifts are not random! Identifying your emotions everyday and which phase the moon is in can help us to be more badass resilient people! The moon completes a cycle every 28 days. In general a menstrual cycle is around 28 days as well and they are absolutely correlated. Each phase represents a time that is best for certain actions.


Moon Magick will be shared by Julie Benefico.