Moon Lodge


When we attune to the rhythm of Grandmother Moon, we step into remembrance of our divine feminine blueprint, recognize our place in the natural world, feel connected with women everywhere, and embody our truth from the sacred source of love.

– Achintya Devi

Traditionally, in times not so long ago, when we were living closer with the Earth’s rhythms and each other, Moon Lodges/Moon Temples/ Red Tents were sacred spaces, symbolic of a womb, where women would gather to honour and celebrate the powerful & intuitive time of their bleeding phase during the dark of the moon. By entering the Moon Lodge, they stepped away from the doing-ness of family responsibilities and entered into the sacred realms of being-ness to rest, dream, nurture each other, receive spiritual insight, practice ritual and bleed into the Earth with prayers. Upon emergence from the Moon Lodge, women would feel deeply nourished, re-invigorated and ready to offer their gifts to their community with creative renewal, embodied wisdom and purpose.

In our rapid pace of modern living, the Moon Lodge/Red Tent is returning as we rise in remembrance of our feminine power and the sacredness of our womanly moontime gifts.

Moon Lodge
Moon Lodge

Our Moon Lodge at Spirit Weavers will serve in a few different ways. It is our designated space for womb wisdom rituals, classes & ceremonies that celebrate the continued learning and embodiment of the divine feminine moon mysteries. When not in a particular session, we invite you to come journal, read, meditate, rest, rejuvenate and simply rest in quiet space (whether you are experiencing your moontime or not).

We will also have a very special Moon Blood EarthAltar in the Moon Lodge area for you to offer your holy menstrual blood to Mother Earth with prayers and intentions. And finally, in the dark of the moon, during the dark of the Moon during the Sun Session, we will have a New Moon Ceremony outside to honour the transformational phases of life, sustenance, death and rebirth. With reverence, we will harness the New Moon energy to plant personal, collective and Earth prayers, crafting our dreams and weaving our heart offerings for the next lunar cycle as we emerge from Spirit Weavers.

A note to Mooning Sisters: If you will be experiencing your personal Moontime at Spirit Weavers, we invite you to honour yourself with extra self-care and nourishment. We also encourage you to bring re-useable pads/sponges/moon cups (some will be for sale at the gathering) and a reusable container with you (such as a glass mason jar or yogurt container). This way you will be able to offer your moon blood if you feel inspired. There will be many opportunities for you to learn and deepen into the moon mysteries and I so look forward to connecting with you in womb and heart soon.

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Isimot Adewuyi will holding space in the Moon Lodge for the Sun Session.

Dorothee Sophie Royal will holding space in the Moon Lodge for the Moon Session.