Moon Circle

This wisdom is each Woman’s birth rite. Every woman is connected to the Earth through her body, her blood, the Moon and her life cycle. I share a map that honours and explores each part of the cycle, and together we create a beautiful picture of ourselves and our nature.
Every Moon Circle is different, with the Women in the circle bringing their unique wisdom. Come to the temple and be welcomed into the Women’s Mysteries. It is my dream that each woman and girl have this knowledge available to them, and I hope you will share it after you leave the Moon Circle.
Themes we often cover in Moon Circle are menstruation, fertility, contraception, pregnancy, loss, honouring stages of a Woman’s life and all life, Lunar fertility, pain and menstruation, menopause, ritual, birth and death and the many opportunities within each cycle for magical transformation.


Moon Circle will be shared by Talulah Gough