Monica Rose Kelly

Monica Rose Kelly

Monica Rose Kelly is a studio artist and flower essence practitioner based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her artistic practice intersects the fields of public art, murals, illustration, and design. She has taught art for 15 years and is passionate about empowering people to channel creative work. Her fine art and murals feature flowers as metaphors for conditions of the spirit.

After experiencing the profound impacts of flower essence therapy on a personal level, Monica decided to study at the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, CA. She has been building her healing practice, Flora Arcana, in New Orleans for the past 7 years. In 2016 she renovated a Creole cottage to serve as home base for her businesses, and recently founded a Healer’s Market to encourage access to healing modalities in her neighborhood.

Monica’s current body of work consists of archetypal soul portraits that highlight the healing properties of flowers, illustrating their actions on the ethereal level. These paintings were featured in New Orleans’ biennial Prospect 4’s P.S. Satellite program. She curated the first Flora Arcana exhibition to celebrate the Divine Feminine and healing with plant medicine.

As a flower essence practitioner, Monica focuses on the health of the New Orleans music community, teaching clients to use vibrational medicine to cope with sensitivity, substance abuse and chaotic work environments. She loves to travel the world and learn about Earth’s many different expressions in Nature.

Monica will be sharing Plant Spirit Channeling with Watercolor, and Flower Essences: Divine Feminine Flow.