Miso fermentation

Miso fermentation

In Japan, Miso is considered a basic yet, vital source of life sustenance. In the past, it was common for most rural families to make their own batch of miso that would last them through out the year.

In this workshop, we will mash beans together and start some miso for you to take home to continue fermenting. This collective batch will have a special cultural inoculation from the hands of this particular group who will come together. This is called “son-mat” in Korean – that special something that only one’s hands can add to enhance flavour.

We will also touch on topics of growing your own beans and processing it on a small DIY scale, what it means to decolonize the soybean and apply traditional food skills, as well as using alternative ingredients for miso making.

The koji made in the first workshop: Koji fermentation with body heat, will be used to make the miso! The entire process will be a collective effort, to successfully birth this miso that will be shared by both workshop participants.

You are welcome to join in on just one workshop or both!

Mo Laflamme will be sharing Koji fermentation with body heat & Miso fermentation