Founder SFR: B.A.

MiraMichelle founded the Sacred Female Rising Institute in 2008 and believes that Female Solidarity and values hold significant keys to the healing of our planet. Mira is the daughter of an English/Irish mother and an African/Native American father who was raised in distinctly different cultures and this reality has given her a great ability to connect with different people and to be a living bridge of cultural experience.

Mira’s big work on the planet is to create a greater solidarity between women. In the sacred four year cycle Mira facilitates a Medicine Woman Training where she takes up to 17 women on a one year journey to discover and activate their personal medicine. Mira is the author of the Sacred Female Rising booklet and the forthcoming book ‘Sacred Ceremonies for Everyday – The Ancient Art of Ceremony Meets the Contemporary Science of the Quantum Age‘.

Mira works as a Quantum Shamanic Healer, Speaker, Writer and Facilitator of Sacred Ceremony with 25 years experience. Mira, who mostly lives and works in Europe, recognizes the great importance for women of European decent and ALL women to heal the past ancestral wounds and actively re-connect to their original/aboriginal culture where their coded wisdom first existed!’

“The missing feminine perspective is direly affecting our world. We are called to bring balance to these ailing patriarchal systems. As a mother of two sons I feel deeply motivated to create wise and heartfelt solutions to our current dilemmas.” mm


MiraMichelle will be offering Future Woman and Healing Ceremony.