Minimalism + Zero Waste Lifestyle

In a world rapidly growing, over-consumption and mismanagement of resources is destroying our earth. In this class you will learn tips to transition to a more Zero Waste lifestyle and and how you can benefit from it financially and emotionally while also improving your health and the environment. The goal of this class is to understand how waste affects you and your family’s health, as well as the economy, and how what you throw out is the number one cause of global environmental degradation. You will learn what you can do personally to lessen your environmental footprint, deal with emotional attachment to objects and how improving these aspects correlates to enhanced wealth and wellness. Main topics include: understanding your needs and wants, where the products you buy come from, awareness of corporation terms such as ‘planned obsolescence’, and what happens to your “trash’” when you throw it “away”.

There will be emphasis on learning to minimize and let go of our need for “stuff” in the home, as well as taking a closer look at household toxins used in the kitchen and bathroom, how they are unregulated by the FDA and how they compromise your bodily functions and health. You will participate in learning to make your own non-toxic hygiene products and will be able leave with a homemade toothpaste (by donation). By the end of the class, students will have a deeper understanding of their buying habits and how those habits are related to every aspect of life and their health as well as practical ways to begin a sustainable journey to a Zero Waste Lifestyle.

Class can hold up to 20 people, and there is an optional materials fee if people want to bring home some homemade toothpaste from the demo.


Minimalism + Zero Waste Lifestyle will be taught by Re’shell Brown.