Milagritos Lazo

Mila Lazo was born in Peru, and came to America over 20 years ago. A formerly trained teacher in her home country, she has lived around medicinal plants all her life. She was always treated with plants by her father and aunts, whom some people called “brujas” because of the knowledge that they had to heal and sometimes foresee the future. Mila doesn’t consider herself a “bruja”, but her indigenous ancestry guides her life. Currently she lives in Grants Pass and runs an International herbal company called Herbs America and Maca Magic, which was the first to help renew indigenous cultivation of the Maca root as a viable economy in Peru. The Pachamama ceremony and Maca offering she will be leading, as directed by her ancestors and indigenous community in Peru, will connect the participants with the farmers on the other side of the word and to Mother Earth: PachaMama


Mila Lazo will be sharing Pachamama Maca Ceremony with Madeleina Bolduc.