Mila Redwood

Mila Redwood

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Mila Redwood is a Community Songleader, Mother, and the Founder of Sing for Joy in Toronto, Canada. Like so many others, Mila grew up believing that her voice wasn’t good enough. She carried this belief for most of her life, casting seeds of self-doubt and insecurity. It was through Community Singing that she found the medicine needed to reclaim her voice and vibrancy.

Today, Mila uses song as a tool for building community, for restoring our sense of belonging and connection in the world. Her workshops and song circles offer a soulful, playful, and embodied space for reclaiming our birthright to sing. She leads two community choirs in the oral tradition, and works closely with new refugees to create inter-cultural spaces for the sharing of songs from diverse origins, homelands, and ancestries.

Mila has spent many years unearthing the song lineages and stories of her own ancestries – Macedonian on her Mother’s side, and Celtic on her Father’s side. She has been fortunate to make several pilgrimages back to her ancestral lands to gather songs, and continues to nurture these connections in the diaspora.

Mila is the Founder of Sing for Joy, RiverSong Gathering, Heartbeat Retreat, and Co-Founder of Singing Alive on Kauai. She is overjoyed to return to the Spirit Weavers Gathering.

Mila will be sharing Singing from the Well.