Micha Merrick

Micha Merrick

Micha Merrick is using techniques from Thai Yoga Massage to help women deliver babies naturally. Time and again, she’s seen the wild strength and fluid grace of feminine nature first hand, creating circles of support for women through song, dance, herbs and massage.

She is an internationally certified Birth Doula through DONA International, served as a prenatal yoga teacher at Bumi Sehat Birth Center in Bali Indonesia. Micha practices Thai massage in the lineage of Ashokananda and combines wisdom from traditional women’s healers, folk herbalists and shamanic hill tribe midwives in Thailand and Bali.

Currently based in Big Sur, California.

Her Teachers –

She offers gratitude to her Birth-Keeper teacher Midwife Robin Lim, Debra Pascali Bonaro and Midwife Katherine Bramhall.

Gratitude to her traditional Women’s Thai massage teachers, Arjin Wah; Women’s Masasge and Herbalism at Watpo Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Arjin Bom; Pregnancy massage ITM, Arjin “Timmy” Kossaard; folk herbalist and pregnancy massage teacher, Pi Jem; fertility massage, Arjin Homprang; women’s herbalist and traditional midwife, Chiang Mai. Nasur, shamanic Midwife of the Lahu Hillltribe Villages, Chiang Rai.

Gratitude to her Sunshine Network family: Pau, Till, Itzhak, Takis. A special thanks to Laurino, her primary Thai massage teacher and mentor who approved the teaching of this course.


Micha Merrick will be sharing  Thai Massage and Herbal Compress for BirthkeepersHerbal Compress Massage: Thai Traditional Healing for Women, & Thai Yoga Massage.