Merry Ellen Ackema

I am Merry Ellen Marshall Ackema, of celtic ancestors that migrated to the United States three generations ago. My parents birthed and raised me in the hills of San Diego, where I began my journey tuning into earth medicine through organic farming as an adolescent. When I was 18, the Redwoods of Northern California lured me to their lands where I studied environmental science and ceramics at Humboldt State and then finished my degree at University of Hawaii, where I now inhabit. Since graduation my work has been in managing organic fruit farms, tree trimming, ceramics and in devotion to Earth herself as a religion.

I am a planter of seed, tender of gardens, shaper of earth, swimmer of the seas, climber of trees and mountains. I am the graceful flow of a strong river, the deep roots of an oak tree, a sweet peach in the summer sun. I am a lover of our supreme mother, in worship to her creatures and landscapes. I bow in servitude to the call she speaks through me and to the universal essence of love. I am a creature of my environment, made of the elements of my garden, attuned to the earth I rest and dance upon, filled with the air that blows through the trees around me and fueled with the power of father sun. I am a teacher of earth languages that speak through weeds and trees, but really I’m just a student to this vast world of wisdom. Thank you for listening.


Merry Ellen will be sharing Whispering With Trees.