Menstrual Moon Charting

“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is a place to create and give birth to life.”

In this class, you will learn to record your cycles in a 13 “Moon Lotus Flower Charting Booklet.” This is an essential practice for women because it allows them to integrate the linear ways into the cyclic world. Recording and coloring the chart help to create a healthier relationship between the period, the body and nature. It reduces the stress caused by the exhaustive repetitive patterns of linearity and the lack of attention towards the need of change.

In a chart you will:

* Record your spirit, mind, and body cycles.

* Be mindful of your cycle changes.

* Be aware of your fertile “window” & infertile periods.

* Draw the moon phases.

* Record your 4 Seasons and archetypes.

Experiencing the teachings of the menstrual cycle is a way of personal growth and development that intrinsically exists within the body of every woman.

Who is this class for?

* Menarche Moonmaidens.

* All bleeding women.

* Women during pregnancy and pleno-pause.

* It is highly recommended for women who want to quit hormonal contraceptive methods.

* Women regardless of relationship status, sexual orientation or gender.

* Women with menstrual or fertility problems: This practice will help you in the healing process of your symptoms if you provide space and time to know yourself and your womb, this is the first step to develop a healing strategy with vast knowledge and comprehension of yourself.

If you are assisting to the class, remember the date of your last period!

Let’s jump into the moon chart!


Menstrual Moon Charting will be offered by Manuela Varela Garay.