Menstrual Moon Charting

Is a powerful tool for women because it allows understanding through an own and artistic infographic visualization:

*The menstrual cycle
*The fertile cycle.
*The cyclic changes of the body.

These changes are recorded using in a chart to graphically show what the body experiences with the menstrual cycle. The practice creates a unique relationship with the body that is necessary to learn to live the cycles with consciousness, in harmony and consequently with them.

The teachings of the menstrual cycle are a route of personal growth and development that intrinsically exists within the body of each woman. Knowing the cycle with depth means knowing yourself and discovering a unique power that will help you understand the changing nature of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies you experience at this time in synchrony with the cycles of the moon.

It is a new and exciting journey of connection, with the deepening of yourself and what it means for you to be a woman.


Mental Moon Charing will be shared by Manuela Varela Garay