Mending, Darning, Patching

Mending, Darning, Patching : Repairing our beloved garments::

Our grandmothers and their grandmothers knew a secret that we seem to have forgotten: clothing is meant to last a lifetime. They also possessed the skills needed to ensure that clothing did indeed last, if not for a lifetime, than for far longer than we expect our clothing to last now. I find mending to be both a useful material tool, as well as a small act of revolutionary consciousness – an act that brings us further into right relationship with what we are wearing, the natural world, and the other beings around us.

In this class I am honored to offer the basic skills of mending & darning (mending knitted things) that my grandmothers and mother taught me, so that we can come more fully into relationship with the clothing we wear, and preserve it in ways that will both add character and ensure a lifetime of wear.

All supplies are included in this class, but if you have an item to repair please bring it along!

Mending, Darning, & Patching will be shared by Angela Thornton