Mekah S. Dey

Mekah S. Dey

“prophet is poet, hold the “r, p, h”.”

I am a folk artist, guide, mother of two suns, a full spectrum doula, minister, performer, curator, designer, stylist, writer, and creative director from the city of Milwaukee a.k.a miino waking a.k.a Chicago’s scrappy cousin. Real life, pontificator. Love life, co-creator. Online life, observer. Holding sacred space and sharing art, publicly and privately, since 2013.

I use sustainable, accessible tools, materials and mediums towards liberation of mind, body, & spirit. Fluidly meeting the challenges of modern life by focusing on dignity, reclamation, practical magic and sustainable living. Currently, I am the manager of a pay-what-you-can cafe, artist-in-residence with ONCATA and self-publishing a four volume poetry collection called “HER•IT•AGE”.

Self-identified as an afro-indigenous queer person, I strive for alignment within, with the intent to live a life the ancestors are proud of. As Mother Nina Simone said “Artists reflect the times”, which is what I naturally do and this statement is the true essence of my life-light work. Piercing truth, uninhibited promise of a bright future and acknowledgement of the severe need for honesty and accountability. I reach for it all, welcoming grace, in the midst of the empire’s fall.

I, Mekah S. Dey, will be guiding three circles/classes – “Intuitive Indigenous Living”, “Labels, Language and Legalese” and “Healing Ours & Theirs”.