Medicine Wheel Fiber Spinning

-Feminine Touch, Flowing Gracefully, Cycling Creation-

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to dive deeper into their fiber spinning practice by working on a wheel.

With the spinning wheel, we are able to create thread much more efficiently than with a drop spindle. A foot powered treadle propels the wheel around, which then adds twist into the fiber, and winds the thread onto a bobbin. This tool that was once found in many homes across the world, has now been mostly forgotten and left behind. Today, with constant exposure to inexpensive and easily accessible clothing and textiles, which are often made with synthetic fibers, we are being challenged to remember why it is important for us to keep this ancient craft alive.

Spin into a humbled, peaceful place through exploring all that the spinning wheel has to teach us. Participants will leave this workshop with a rich and deep appreciation for this labor of love, a comprehensive understanding of the parts and ways to use a spinning wheel as well as the history of fiber spinning. While singing songs and sharing stories, we will spin our own unique skeins of yarn with locally and sustainably sourced wool.


Medicine Wheel Fiber Spinning will be shared by Annyea Healy