Medicine and Spirit Doll

The medicine and spirit doll is an ancient being, familiar and beloved to many cultures around the world. I believe in the ancestral art of healing and enchantment – to weave life and love into a creation by making something solely by hand with materials from nature and pure intention. This act of creation is not something outside of us but a natural gift to birth and weave a bridge to the source, to our ancestors and the Grandmother doll makers.

Who will the Grandmothers gift to you? It is always a surprise but most of all, they will gift you a friend in your spirit doll. A magical friend to walk beside you in good times and bad. A friend that is accepting and loving and will in time teach you to treat yourself in the same way. She is a link to our ancestral memory of dolls as magical familiars and a bridge to the well of love held for you by your ancestors.

In the act of making slowly and by hand, we begin to step into a liminal space between time and hear the voice of our own spirit – the dreamer within the dream. In our doll making circle we will gather leaves and flowers from the forest floor and place them with special talismans, stones and prayers to be placed in the belly of your doll. Made purely from woollen fleece and formed with one of women’s most ancient and magical of tools, the needle, like a beautiful spell she will appear in front of you.

Julia Inglis will be sharing Medicine and Spirit Doll and Swan Blessing Ancestral Ceremony.