Maybell Eequay

Maybell Eequay is a Saginaw Band Ojibwe artist, healer, and frontline activist based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. When she is not traveling or working on defending Indigenous rights, she is healing through beading, painting, and other various art forms. Born and raised in the pristine St. Croix River Valley, she has always had a deep connection to the land, the water, and a strong awareness of the ancestral presence of the land that she occupies. Maybell has overcome trauma through incorporating ceremony into her trades, transforming the act of creation into an act of healing, self love, and implementing intention into all thats she creates.

Maybell inherited her skills from her parents, both specialize in traditional Ojibwe and non traditional art forms. She considers her mother to be her greatest and most patient teacher. One of the most important things she has learned from her mother is to teach heart forward, to let our skills be our medicine and to pass that medicine on and share our skills with others.

Maybell will be sharing Beading as Medicine