MAYAN Ritual Herbal Bathing

Limpieza (cleansing) is a deeply healing, sacred ritual enfolding plant work with prayer. Participate in the ancient and noble lineage of elemental purification that has been kept alive throughout the world’s spiritual traditions. Connect with the energies and spirits held in the land and waters of Oregon, dispelling dis-ease, revealing and refreshing your true self. You will be guided through a traditional herbal bathing ritual preserved by the Mayan Curanderas (healers) of Belize, while integrating newly emerging remembrances of our own ancestral lineages. In working with how to approach the plants, each woman will create her own healing bath, using both wild-harvested and traditional Mayan bathing herbs. Once the baths are soaking in the Sun, we will celebrate Oshun, the River, by singing together Afro-Cuban and traditional spirituals as an offering of Vitality and Praise! Create a blossoming of your healing intentions, self-love and beauty, emanating them into the world as a gift of praise for the Holies in Nature.


Mayan Ritual Herbal Bathing will be shared by Madeleina Bolduc.