Maya Beth

Maya Beth

My name is Maya Beth, hebrew name Batya and I was raised by the lands of the Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo people in Sonoma County, California where I still live.

I was initiated into the Path of Craft by seamstressing on my grandmothers passed down sewing machine. I began making my own clothes in high school and since then have devoted the expression of my creativity to empowerment through making. For me, craft (and nature) are my therapy.

I feel most excited about functional (especially wearable) art. I consider myself a life long student to the transformation and alchemy that happens with cloth, fiber, clay, weavable plants, natural dye, tiny glass beads, tattoo and traditionally tanned leather and furs.

A few of my favorite things are food, nature naps, woodstoves, cedar, sheepskins, marigolds, Northern Flickers, body oiling and lady time.

I’m grateful for the transference of ancestral skill and feel honored to share what I’ve learned with Spirit Weavers.


Maya Beth will be sharing  Sheepskin Hide Tanning