Mattie Morton

I believe that personal healing and Gaian healing go hand in hand; that deeply felt experiences of unity facilitate individual healing and motivate efforts to nourish and protect the earth through conscious stewardship.”

As an herbalist and artist Mattie works to connect people to nature, through art, medicine, education, and the practice of heart conscious perception. Her intention is to help people regain a sense of unity between themselves and Gaia.

Though the Earth is her primary guide and teacher, she has a broad educational background with a variety of teachers, each of whom has helped her grow in life.

Mattie holds a BFA in Fine Art and has been trained in botanical medicine through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, Hill Botanical, and the Anima’ Botanical and Animal Sanctuary.
She has studied natural dying through the works of India Flint and Jenny Dean, and practices natural dyeing in the creation of her botanically dyed clothing line Juniperous. She has studied aspects of permaculture under Sepp Holzer, and participated in the creation and operation of various farms, permaculture projects, non-profit organizations and sanctuaries.
Mattie lived at the Anima Botanical and Animal Sanctuary, in New Mexico, which is where her real education of listening to the plants, animals, elements, and spirits began. It is through heart conscious communication with the planet that she has come to weave, art, medicine, ecological protection, and activism together.

Mattie will be teaching Wild Dyes and Earth Medicine, and Nettle Magic.