Massage with Elisa Fox

I have been practicing for 20 years, first in SF and then in Ashland. I studied extensively with Marion Rosen when she was still alive and credit her with developing and refining my practice. I have been part of the healing village at earthdance and have organized healing festivals and red tents at the Goddess Temple of Ashland. I am currently forming a group of practitioners who focus on pre and post natal wholistic care for the mamas in our community because we need to support each other. I am an intuitive healer, an artist and a dancer. I am working on creating a healing center, The Forest Healing Center, which will transform a recently logged piece of forest land into a sanctuary for healing people through replanting the forest. I am motivated by alignment and flow and by people coming together in community to celebrate and give thanks. I am grateful for my life and love to share my energy for the good of all.

Galactic Healing

Intuitively guided to offer somatic healing through touch and energy medicine, I combine many modalities including Rosen Method, Reiki and Chi Nei Tsang into my own offering, Galactic Healing. This practice centers you in your own heart space and helps transform any obstacles or tension into a coherent whole through touch and loving presence. We will clear and align the body and release any reactive holding patterns, while including and honoring all aspects of the self.
In preparing for this gathering, I have been receiving the image of the rose, and it’s immense beauty. I plan to bring sweet pink organic rose petals with which to bless and uplift. We will attune the session to your particular constitution. I hold a very accepting and loving sacred space where I am present to the unique needs of each woman I work with. My hope is for you to leave feeling balanced, super relaxed and deeply energized