Massage CMT and Maya Abdominal with Liz Brodsky

Practicing bodywork since 2006, Liz is driven by the desire to help people feel deeply nurtured and reconnect with their center and creative fire. She believes in the body’s innate ability to heal and rebalance when a safe container is created. Liz is utterly grateful to be able to offer Maya Abdominal Massage and Pelvic Steams to Spirit Weavers; a modality every womxn deserves to gift her body. This form of bodywork is a technique that is deeply healing for the digestive system, reproductive organs, and can rebalance hormones and the uterus, therefore alleviating a host of common ailments, such as painful, long periods or the absence of periods, pelvic pain, fertility issues, and much more. Even as Maya Abdominal massage is her passion and focus, she enjoys interweaving her unique style, which draws from a spectrum of traditional and intuitive modalities, integrating Swedish and deep tissue massage, Myofacial release, trigger point therapy, and energy work. Whether you are looking to reconnect to your body or relieve deep tensions and stress, Liz’s goal is to guide her clients to a place of peaceful centering and restoration.