Massage and Acupuncture with Nadia Ramo

Massage and Acupuncture with Nadia Ramo

Nadia is a Licensed Acupuncturist with an emphasis on Herbalism, the Fascia Network, and Emotional Balancing. She began her healing career as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, quickly growing her clientele throughout San Diego and Los Angeles, California. Nadia fine tuned her Yoga Classes to be Yin Yoga based, guiding the class to visualize on the Meridian System, fascial lines, and offering generous Savasanas at the end. Through this union of Acupuncture and Yin Yoga offerings, Nadia recognized visualization and meditation as key components for profound healing and energetic shifts to occur. About a year ago Nadia completed her Master Level Reiki Training leading to her treatments to be a well-rounded experience on the Physical, Emotional, and Energetic Realms. Her touch thoroughly accesses the Fascia system, alleviating and eliminating tension from skin to bone level. Her acupuncture accesses the Meridian System, restoring any internal imbalance and root causes to ailments or chronic disease. Finally, her Reiki facilitates emotions stored in the body to let go, and often leads to clear downloads for the client (or Nadia) as how to continue forward.

Massage Therapy: Fascia Network Based. Stretching of the tissue with light dredging down Meridian Lines, as well as Fascial Lines. Passive Joint movement allowing joint supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to be addressed and released. Acupressure on points of Channels where the Meridian seems to be clogged or tight.

Acupuncture: Very delicate stye- Japanese Method. Shallow Needling as all the energy of the point can be located just on the surface. Diagnostic measures are made, such as feeling the pulse and abdomen and looking at the tongue. Based off Diagnostic tools and receiver’s Chief Complaint, a treatment is created and organized to create balance and harmony of the body’s Qi and Yin & Yang.

Reiki: Can do a Reiki only session or it can be included with Massage or Acupuncture. I focus on aligning Chakras and/or facilitating proper movement of Qi in Channels or regulating Qi of a particular organ manifesting imbalance.

My Famous Treatment- “The Blend”: Combining Massage with an Acupuncture Treatment at the end, while needles are in place Reiki can be done. This is my most demanded treatment in my practice. I have had the honor of treating highly influential people with this Blend and it has allowed my practice to triple in clients since the birthing of this “Blend” 🙂